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Care and cleaning

Daily life is full of mishaps, if you do have an accident then we have a couple of simple tips and tricks to help, however we recommend calling in the professionals if ever in doubt:
For more extreme incidents or if a stain isn’t coming out, it is best to get ahead of the issue and call a professional. All area rugs also benefit from an annual professional clean. You can find your local carpet cleaning association online or contact us for a recommendation.
You may find initially that your new rug or carpet sheds, this is absolutely normal, there are always some residual loose fibres from the weaving process and regular vacuuming for the first couple of weeks is recommended. We recommend that you vacuum on a medium setting without deploying the vacuum teeth in the head as the rotating brushes can pull knots loose.
There may be a couple of loose threads on the rug or carpet, this again, is expected, you can cut these with sharp nail scissors. Do be careful however only to cut to the length of the pile and never cut into the rug, the warp should never be cut and loose knots should never be pulled out by force.
Wool and synthetic rugs have complex interwoven fibres that reflect the light differently depending on the direction of the pile. You may see variations in the colour and hue depending on which way the pile is placed, this is a natural characteristic of a pile rug.
If there is a pet related accident (including urination) on the rugs it is best to call a professional cleaner for advice as soon as practicably possible as the acid can bleach the area.
Handmade products and natural wools are made up of fibres that take on dye differently so there may be a natural variation in the colour, this is one of the most charming features of a completely hand-made or hand-dyed product and should be celebrated. As much as possible Peter Page uses colour safe dyes that are resistant to fading but if you have a free standing rug in harsh sunlight it is still a good idea to rotate the rug annually.
Rugs can be treated with a stain protector or scotch guard, if you are interested in this option please contact our studio team for more information.
Discover more about Peter Page’s story or contact us to discuss the bespoke process.