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Terms and conditions of sale service - Hale House Ltd T/A Peter Page

1. Hale House Ltd submits all quotations and accepts all orders subject to our terms and conditions, and to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. In the event of customer orders containing conditions, such conditions will not acceptable unless otherwise agreed in writing by Hale House Ltd.

2. Where quantities shown in a quotation are estimated from scale or dimensioned drawings, the final quantities are subject to verification by site measurement. Accordingly, all costs prepared from quantities taken from drawings are a guide only and may differ once a site measurement is completed.

3. Before placing your order please check that the carpeting and colour listed on the quotation is correct, as Hale House Ltd cannot be held responsible for goods ordered incorrectly. Samples can be ordered if necessary.

4. All quotations will be honoured under these terms and conditions for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

5. No order will be binding to Hale House Ltd unless and until such order is accepted in writing by Hale House Ltd. Any contract is subject to these terms and conditions and no representative or person acting on behalf of Hale House Ltd has authority to agree any terms or make any representations inconsistent with them.

6. Where Hale House Ltd has not given a written acknowledgement of an order these terms and conditions will still apply to the contract.

7. Hale House Ltd will endeavour that materials to be supplied and fitted will be done so on and within an agreed time but such dates are estimates only and under no circumstances will Hale House Ltd be liable for loss or damage of any kind whatsoever caused directly or indirectly by any failure to deliver or install carpet by such a date nor will any such delay entitle the buyer to cancel or rescind the contract or demand compensation. Time for delivery and fitting shall not be the essence of the contract and Hale House Ltd shall be entitled to delay delivery until any monies due from the customer have been received.

8. Hale House Ltd cannot fulfil any order until it has received all relevant details from the customer. If the customer fails to give all relevant details when requested by Hale House Ltd then Hale House Ltd shall be entitled to alter the delivery or installation date and to receive payment from the customer for all losses, costs and expenses incurred by Hale House Ltd as a result.

9. Cancellation by the customer will only be accepted at Hale House Ltd discretion and, in any case, on condition that any costs or expenses incurred by Hale House Ltd up to the date of cancellation and arising out of the cancellation are paid by the customer to Hale House Ltd immediately. Acceptance of cancellation will only be binding on Hale House Ltd if in writing and signed by a director of Hale House Ltd.

10. A cancellation charge of approximately £400.00 will be made where a scheduled installation date is cancelled or changed with less than 2 working days notice.

11. The legal title of any materials supplied does not pass until payment of invoice has been received in full. Failing the receipt of such payment the company may at any time recover the materials from site.

12. Once specification, instruction or design has been accepted by Hale House Ltd then the customer may not vary the specification, instruction or design without the written consent of Hale House Ltd and subject to any increased costs or extended delivery dates that may result.


13. All carpets are liable to shading or pile reversal, that is, to show light and dark patches. Hale House Ltd accepts no liability for pile reversal complaints as these tendencies are inherent in pile fabrics.

14. Samples sent or given to clients are for reference purposes only and will not exactly match the colour of current production. Hale House Ltd can accept no liability if the carpet does not match the colour of any sample.

15. Whilst Hale House Ltd will endeavour to colour match if requested it may not be possible to match carpets ordered at different times.

16. Whilst every effort is made to manufacturer correct sizes, slight variations are unavoidable and Hale House Ltd shall be deemed to have fulfilled any contract if sizes are within tolerance of +/- 1.25% of the width whether sold as a piece or roll of machine made carpet. Handmade carpets of all types (including woven, tufted or knotted) may vary by +/- 5%.

17. Woven floorcoverings made of jute, coir, seagrass, sisal and imitations of such (to name only, but not limited to, the principle types) may contain knots, irregularities, or discolouration not consistent with that of the whole, this is acceptable and Hale House Ltd accept no liability for complaint arising from such.

18. All seam directions, seam positions and pile directions are to be left to Hale House Ltd discretion and unless questioned in writing before acceptance of a quotation will be deemed acceptable with no exceptions.

19. Installation will take place in one scheduled visit, allowing for uninterrupted work over one phase.

20. Work will be programmed during normal working hours 9am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank and public holidays).

21. All carpets, even when cut to room sizes, are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, especially on premises where the layout or access is restricted. In some cases carpet may have to be folded to gain access, this may result in creases in the carpet. Hale House Ltd accepts no liability for damage to the carpet.

22. The client or their contractor must ensure that all sub-floors are clean, dry and level (including securing loose floorboards) before the agreed installation dates. Any delays to the installation schedule that are caused by the site being unfit for commencement of carpet fitting will result in additional costs.

23. Fitting of carpets can only commence if site has adequate power and lighting and a minimum temperature of 18ºC, to allow the carpet to acclimatise.

24. Where Hale House Ltd is required to move furniture, electrical equipment/appliances and other objects this is done so entirely at the risk of the customer. We strongly recommend that movement of all items be supervised by the client and that fragile or valuable items are only moved by the client. Hale House Ltd and their staff are unable to accept any liability for damage or breakages caused during the movement of any of the client’s possessions.

25. The position of pipes and services such as water, gas, and electricity (to name only, but not limited to, the principal types) must be clearly identified and those that are underfloor or out of sight must be at least 2” from floor level if this is not done so Hale House Ltd accepts no liability to any damage caused to such services.

26. Unprotected or loose wiring for alarms, computers, telephones, and audio equipment (to name only, but not limited to, the principal types) should be run in trunking under the floor. Wiring or services are often concealed from view and if not clearly identified Hale House Ltd accepts no liability for any damages caused to them.

27. Please note that an approximate clearance of 18 to 20mm is required under doors for most carpet types but does vary depending on the carpet and underlay required. Hale House Ltd will not carry out any alterations to doors. Where doors do require trimming, ensure a carpenter has done so before commencement of fitting, otherwise doors will be removed from their mounting and left.

28. During fitting some force is needed to secure the floorcovering, this may damage or disturb wooden surfaces, skirtings and any fillings in them. Hale House Ltd accepts no liability for such damage.

29. Hale House Ltd cannot be held responsible for ‘updraught soiling’ (dark lines normally around the edge but also through the middle of rooms). This is caused by gaps around the skirting and between floorboards allowing air to circulate while picking up dust/dirt particles which the carpet then acts as a filter for and is soiled, normally beyond professional cleaning.

30. Hale House Ltd cannot be held responsible if the subfloor is found to have any problems which may hinder fitting or affect the carpet. If any work is needed to put the subfloor right the cost of such work is the client’s responsibility with no exception Hale House Ltd reserve the right to delay fitting until any monies due for subfloor remedial work is paid in full.

31. Hale House Ltd accepts no responsibility for any compliant when sticky back plastic protection has been used. We do not recommend use of this at any time.


32. If the client paid a deposit with a credit card Hale House Ltd reserve the right to take the balance payment on the credit card on the day of installation or within 7 days, unless stated by the client in writing.

33. We reserve the right to charge for the storage of goods if we receive no fitting instruction from the client within two weeks of delivery of carpet. All goods in storage must be paid for in full and are held at client’s risk, in cases of such storage Hale House Ltd reserve the right for said storage to be for the maximum of one month after which the carpet will be delivered or must be collected by the client.

34. Payments not received within 7 days of completion of installation will be subject to an interest charge of 6% of the outstanding balance per month.

35. Hale House reserve the right to correct any clerical or typographical errors made by its employees on any documentation including quotations at any time.

36. As soon as possible the customer shall give notice to Hale House Ltd of any defect, failure or error and shall give authority for a representative to inspect the goods; otherwise Hale House Ltd will have no liability.

37. Hale House Ltd shall have no other or further liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in respect of any direct or consequential loss, costs, expenses or damage (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of opportunity or other economic loss) suffered by the customer arising from or in connection with any delay, defect, or error.

38. The heading in these terms and conditions are for ease of reference only and shall not affect their interpretation.

39. If Hale House Ltd does not enforce strict compliance with these terms and conditions by the customer this will not constitute a waiver of any of the provisions of these conditions.

40. Verbal abuse of any kind toward employees of Hale House Ltd and any representative of Hale House Ltd will not be tolerated. Hale House Ltd reserves the right to cancel any contract or order under such circumstances. Any such cancellation will not entitle the buyer to demand compensation. Under such circumstances Hale House Ltd shall be entitled to receive payment from the customer for all losses, costs and expenses incurred by Hale House Ltd as a result.