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The Story / Cover Magazine, Winter 2022

As featured in the Winter 2022 edition of Cover magazine, written by Lucy Upward. ''With long history in the rug industry, weaving expert Peter Page launched his eponymous company this year. Lucy Upward talks to the head of the exclusive London brand about designing for the market.''

Many in the rug industry will already know Peter Page’s name. He has been pivotal to so many interior designer’s projects within the industry for years, building up a vast knowledge of weaving, a covetable contact book and a reputation for excellence. Much of that experience was garnered at his father’s well-respected brand, Tim Page Carpets, which he oversaw for over ten years.  Page launched his new company this year with quiet confidence. His showroom in London’s Chelsea Wharf on Lots Road opened its doors in May 2022, without a fanfare but with a lot of industry buzz. Page has built up a loyal following over the years, and those who know, know. ‘We deliberately didn’t make too much noise as we were already overwhelmed with the amount of people that wanted to see us,’ Page explains. ‘Immediately, we had projects in the US, Hong Kong, Baku, Jordan, Jeddah, Bahrain, with some of the top designers. It was extraordinary and quite humbling.’

As he grew up surrounded by carpets in his father’s Sloane Square shop, it was inevitable that Page’s appreciation for and understanding of the craft was well tuned at an early age.  He began his professional career in fabric houses but soon turned back to rugs, finding real pleasure in the technical side of rug development. It was in 2011 that Page became managing director of his father’s company. Tim Page Carpets is over twenty years old now, and Page helped nurture it into into one of the biggest British high-end carpet companies— second only to Stark. In 2021, with a desire to create designs using a broader range of techniques, Page left the company with a view to launching his own specialist studio. He was joined in the new venture by Jo Tailby Stoute, another stalwart expert in the rug industry and ex-colleague of Page’s. One difference he notices in the way he works today compared with the past is that ‘Our new showroom is more of a destination studio, which offers more time and space to work with clients and to show them the breadth of product and all of the potential combinations.’  Futhermore, as Page points out, ‘At Tim Page Carpets, as expected, carpets were the main focus and with Peter Page that is the reverse.’ Rugs are where his interest really lies and, before the launch, he was very busy developing numerous new qualities to appeal to a wide audience, such as a range of flatweave jacquards. Production is predominantly in India, with some rugs from Pakistan, one specific product coming from Turkey and certain hand- tufted pieces for projects being crafted in China. 

When asked to describe the new brand’s aesthetic Page is not keen to be pigeon-holed to a particular look, but answers ‘we definitely have a handwriting, I would say our aesthetic is quite understated and all about craftsmanship, with an organic feel. That is what clients often come to us for.’ Across the company’s website, elegant designs are in abundance over the four categories of hand- knotted, hand-loomed, hand-tufted and machine- made. Currently there is a focus on flatweaves,  natural materials from wool, silk and cotton to jute and sisal and sophisticated textures. And there is still so much more to come.  The signs that Page is on the right track with his growing inventory are obvious. Not only are top interior designers obviously keen to work with his extensive knowledge but, earlier this year, his collaborative collection with interior design studio Turner Pocock won Best Floor Covering at the Homes & Gardens Awards 2022. The designs of the widely acclaimed collection reference antique tribal carpets of the 18th and 19th centuries, with simplified motifs that create a more minimal contemporary look. Flatwoven in jute and wool, the rugs have a wonderfully worn texture and tone that takes skill to achieve well.

Page’s collection of samples continues to grow, as does his knowledge. While the new showroom is a sea of beautiful samples, in December Page gets the keys to a second unit in Chelsea Wharf, where the company will stock a selection of full rugs. Those inevitable last-minute project purchases need to be catered for, and they are good visualisation tools for clients. The company’s headcount is currently four and steadily growing. Once more staff members are on board, Page will have the capacity to start making ‘more of a noise’, showing off just what the brand can do. With its fully rounded service and expert knowledge, Peter Page is sure to make its presence truly felt on the market.


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Please contact us or use the form below for more information.